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Are you ready to turn your life around?

Salzburg, Austria, May 9, 2024

Pfarre St. Paul  / 10~18h 

Eduard-Herget-Str. 5, 5020 Salzburg

When you register for a live class or on-line training 
you will receive a copy of Wayne's new book to study; 

Reclaiming ORIGINAL INNOCENCE: an eBook with chapter links

Autographed copies will be available at the LIVE events!

Prayers, The Sacred Apology Lessons,
Spiritual Guidance, Meditations & Exercises 


Autographed copies will be available at
the LIVE events!


You will receive Wayne's new book in pdf form when you register, to use as your text book for the course. The ebook has many exercises we will use in the Healing Circles for activating the changes you want, through the 'Spirit Channel' to LET-GO of expired contracts with others and forgiving cherished wounds within the psyche and the heart.  This will be our study guide for the course...

The audiobook meditations are Golden.
They will assist you greatly in n practicing  Innocent Perception and experiencing true freedom of the soul.  


***Many have studied Ho'oponopono, but not many have actually understood what it really is and how it works. Just repeating the 4 prayer lines; 'I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you', will not give you consistent results.


This training is a deeper dive into how a "Sacred Apology" can create a Miracle every time the protocols are engaged properly. This training will clear and clean many pathways that have been holding your energy hostage until now. Resolution will open to you.

Audiobook Meditations $21 USD

You can own all the exercises and meditations from the audiobook... 12 tracks / 76 mins, will bring you Home through the Spirit Channel.

You will learn how to 'Go Vertical' and do your healing work in your Sacred Heart with Wayne's gentle voice over a beautiful symphonic soundtrack assisting your journey HOME!

Audiobook Meditations
YOUR INVESTMENT in these forgiveness classes...

Your willingness to let-go and heal your cherished wounds;

Your time, Your Presence, Your Commitment to LET-GO,
and TRUST the process for claiming your MIRACLE...

Let me ask you something. What value would you place
on living your life without guilt, shame, blame, anger and
resentment, projected onto the ones you love the most?

The Sacred Apology

*** Book Series ***

These books will accompany each Forgiveness Challenge over the coming year.
Each book builds upon the previous books' concepts and exercises.
These books are designed with you in mind, using spiritual philosophy
and psychology along with simple, contemplative, visualization
and breathing techniques, connecting you more deeply with Spirit.


What you will learn, can be used for Self Healing or in a Healing Practice.

Students will receive a copy of Reclaiming Original Innocence
eBook with chapter links & an Audiobook Meditations album


Most people have experienced an emotional wound or two at some point in their life. Sometimes those emotional wounds become associated with physical complaints, and stuck emotional complexes become aches and pains—or simply nagging patterns—that won’t go away in the body. The good news is, these ‘problems’ can become processed
to become possibilities: they can set us on a course of discovery of who we are and the freedom to be our best self in our life and relationships.

Whether we are a healer or a receiver of healing, this series provides guidance and transparency about the nature of our odyssey of discovery. It explores our life journey, unlocking and activating our personal and spiritual potential through the healing process. The series is intended to be read in order, and readers who start with a volume other than the first are encouraged to seek-out the remaining volumes, as each offers a unique perspective and insights into the healing process.

Some concepts are presented in discrete form while others are gleaned through immersion in the flow of the material. Main topics and exercises appear in an ordered progression to gently reinforce and build on previously encountered knowledge and skills. Sections within each chapter are listed in the table of contents. For easy reference, a list of exercises found within the chapters follows the table of contents.

This series is written with love from the perspective of several traditions that hold dear the idea that there is one benevolent source from which we and all of life emanate. Its major influences include; Self-Identity Ho‘oponopono, A Course in Miracles (ACIM), the original teachings of Jesus, and holistic spiritual science.


~ Introducing ~


Healing through the letting go of unclean memories is achieved through a revelation of consciousness that sees everyone in our story as innocent and equally loved, loving, and lovable. Releasing habitual resentment and judgments allows wholeness to return to your being, putting an end to separation within and with others. All stories of drama and trauma can be healed by deleting the data that holds them together. It's all very simple, but not very easy!  Find out how.

Global HA Cover Photo - 1.jpg

Wayne facilitated a very
powerful Ho'oponopono
Healing Circle 

in Edmonton AB,
in which each person
was shown how to create
a "miracle" in their life with 
Self-Identity Ho'oponopono
and the Sacred Apology, using 

Self-responsibility for radical forgiveness


Ho'oponopono ~ Freedom for the Soul

Ho'oponopono is an ancient traditional Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and radical forgiveness. It was used every night before bedtime by many Hawai'ian families until recently. Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona created a new translation of the traditional ohana practice of Ho'oponopono into a contemporary form that anyone can do alone called: Self-ID Ho'oponopono and she began teaching it in the 1980s. This form of Self-ID Ho'oponopono has grown into a worldwide practice for many in today's modern world because it works to free you from the bondage of undefined unforgiveness!

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